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The Challenge: Portable Power in a Box

Back in the summer of 2013, we were planning a family trip in the little camper. The wife suggested we install power on the camper similar to a RV. Laughing out loud, I'm thinking this will be a fun up-grade! I started researching different ways to go about the project. I purchased a few generators, but then could not find a way to safely and securely store and transport them. There simply was no simple bolt-on solution. But my wife really wanted that power on our camper. And, to make the matter more challenging, she told me that I was not allowed to carry them inside the camper or in the storage area. Too much gas smell, she said. Well, you know the old saying: “A happy wife is a happy life”. So the journey began…


A year and a ton of research later, the idea started coming together for a system of storage and transport boxes. I went to work on a proof-of-concept box model.  Multiple camping trips helped the idea take shape. After initial success on the road, I was convinced there was something to the idea. The box designs really came along nicely for the 1000- and 2000-watt portable inverter generator class. And we developed the kits to mount individual boxes and multi-box systems for the standard 4” x 4” bumper as well as for trailer hitch receivers.


Here we are a few years later! We are pleased to offer you the very best in portable generator storage and transport systems. They are nice looking, industrial-tough and built for years of safe, secure storage and transport for your portable generators. Guaranteed.


And we’re not stopping there. Customers are telling us what they want, and we are listening! Coming soon are a line of larger generator boxes and box systems, The Plus Line, to accommodate the 3000- and 4000-watt portable generator class. Look for this in June 2017. And more accessories and kits are in design and testing stages to further customize and outfit your boxes and box systems to meet your specific needs.


Keep the ideas coming, and we will keep designing and building. Please let us know how we can serve you.

And always remember, “Home is where you park it!”




The Generator Boxes Inc. Team

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